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Broodmare and foal

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At Dreamcatcher Meadows we offer outside breeders a variety of services, including shipped semen, AI, embryo transfer, mare management and foaling services.

Dreamcatcher Meadows will ship fresh, cooled semen to anywhere in North America based on the customer’s schedule.

Customers are welcome to bring their mares to us for breeding. Mares are boarded at our facility and monitored daily for breeding readiness. Mares stay until confirmed in foal by our veterinarian. Mares are artificially inseminated by our on call veterinarian. Embryo transfers are also done by our veterinarian using our herd of recipient mares.

Customers can also send their mares to us for foaling out. Mares receive excellent care and are monitored closely by an experienced staff. Mares are observed during foaling but we maintain a hands off approach unless the mare requires assistance. Mare and foal can return home once it is deemed safe for them to travel or they can board at Dreamcatcher Meadows until the foal is weaned.