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“So appreciative of the wonderful care and training our horses have received at Dreamcatcher Meadows. From our retired mare to our yearling the quality of
feed, handling, and environment is second to none! I wish every horse could have this experience.”-Brenda Fowler

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Outdoor Facilities

The Facilities

Large (minimum 1/4 acre) post and rail paddocks of various dimensions offer ad lib water and accommodation suitable to any horse’s specific needs. In addition to the fourteen individual turn out paddocks recommended for shod competition horses, group turn-out includes: “Timewasters’ Paddock” (so-called as it is a struggle to leave the area where the current-year foals frolic with their mothers); age group herds e.g. yearlings; the “Girls’ Club” of rescued mares, recipients in our home-based Embryo Transfer program;double-fenced stallion paddocks; and, “in-out” stabling offering 24-hour movement. All field liberty shelters are fit with Ultimat flooring.

Superb event prospect, hunter jumper

A gallop track borders a traditional cross country jumping course ideal for introducing youngsters to natura obstacles & providing essential mental stimulation by cross-training. The international standard outdoor dressage arena is bordered by the stunning Lilloet River adjacent to a covered “Entertainment Barn” with a balconied area with a concrete open-fire pit, ideal for spectators and the odd party! Adjacent is the winding path leading to a variety of trail routes offering up to a three hour circular ride. This riverside “natural safari” is a cross-country ski course in the winter, perfect in the summer for riders to gallop side by side on groomed sand paths enjoying unparalleled vistas.

Outdoor Facilities for horses

Quarter horse charity weekend with auction in Entertainment Barn

Quarter horse charity weekend with auction in Entertainment Barn

Indoor Facilities

The 16,000 square feet main stables is comprised of two halves: the Breeding Barn and the Competition Barn. The Competition Barn accommodates ten boarders and/or homebred sale horses, all enjoying 24/7 therapeutic support in their large stalls (minimum 12 x 12) custom fit with both Equimat Wallmats and Ultimat Supersoft Floormats (Dreamcatcher Meadows is the North American distributor for this European essential). Additional facilities include commercial grade laundry machines; washroom, boarders’ tack room, feed and grooming areas (including solarium).

Indoor Facilities for horses

The Breeding Barn offers the ultimate in foaling, mare and foal and weaning accommodation. Six versatile stalls multipurpose (foaling, mare and foal stabling, weaning in pairs or for animals on box rest), two measuring 12’x 15’ and four 15’x 18’, all custom fit with Equimat Wallmats and Ultimat Supersoft Floormats, automatic waterers and monitored by the Foalert radio transmitter foaling system. The adjacent Laboratory is equipped with commercial breeding and first aid essentials, including specialized equipment necessary for the services we offer such as collecting and shipping semen from the three stallions standing at the farm, artificial insemination on site, embryo transfer, foaling and foal rearing.

Tack Store

The shop Tack Store
The Shop at Dreamcatcher Meadows”carries only top brand name products we use ourselves! Horseware, Arista, Professional Choice, Back on Track, Schleese, We can order your needs and have them delivered directly to you! Some “previously loved” stock.  We take Visa, Mastercard and Discovery.

Covered Circular Roundpen Arena John Dingle’s young horse expertise led him to design this airy, non-claustrophobic environment for horse and rider.  Luxurious and practical for  younghorse ground & ridden training plus rider lunge lessons features: 35 meter diameter circular covered indoor with sand-covered Equimat base; electric lighting; three-quarter high hardwood walls.

Coverall Indoor Arena This airy indoor features: optimum daylight brightness and sodium electric lighting, continuous 25 meters span mirrors for immediate rider feedback, safe slanted hardwood kick boards,  free-jump course,  viewing gallery, sound system for pleasure and freestyle practice, and a heated observation raised gallery.

Custom Roundpen with rubber Ultimat base

Roundpen & rubber Ultimat floor

Mirrored Indoor Arena

Transport Provided or Store your Trailer Dreamcatcher Meadows regularly transports up to a dozen horses in air-ride comfort with staff and coach accommodation built in to ensure we perform as well on the road as at home. Our trailers have Ultimat supersoft flooring with shock absorbing Equimat Wallmats. First class therapeutic support continues away from home; Portable Ultimat stall mats for each horse at  shows.

Residential Rider Accommodation A variety of individual self-catering accommodation is available for clients to rent during clinics or custom-designed training sessions with their own horse or to be part of the backing and early training work with the young homebred horse purchased from Dreamcatcher Meadows. Bring your horse for advanced training, audit or ride with a visiting clinician.

Nothing Beats Care from Experienced Professionals!

At Dreamcatcher Meadows the five-strong professional staff live on site, overseen by lifetime equine and livestock professionals John Dingle and Jill Giese, ensure the four-footed residents receive knowledgeable stable management and care. That our policy of incident prevention by proper protocols and routine work is evident from our incredible low incident record spanning over a decade (including colic, field injury, etc). This standard of excellence is prevalent in all we do – from the daily nutritional care and routine management (e.g. 9pm late night check) through to constantly updated plans for potential emergency situations (disease outbreak, natural disaster, etc.).

Water comes from our unique gravity fed waterfall irrigation system via individual automatic waterers. A first class diet includes homemade hay selected from a variety of blends we produce to best meet the dietary needs of the individual and is fed both while stabled and in the outdoor turn-outs. Top quality hard feed is fed according to the dietary requirements of each horse, a minimum of twice daily, and is balanced by a custom mineral blended in accordance with the analysis of current year’s hay crop. All animals are de-wormed in accordance with fecal count analysis performed by our local veterinarian Dr. Laura White, who also ensures animals receive routine vaccination and dental care. Dreamcatcher Meadows horses, whether rescues in the mare herd or prize competition stars, are all managed in accordance with the farm’s strict protocols.
The custom-designed commercial grade fire-prevention and irrigation system, sourced from the crystal-clear waterfall on 5 O’Clock Mountain (a break in the mountain range provides two hours longer sunlight at Dreamcatcher Meadows than to residents closer to Pemberton town) is piped under the property-bordering Lilloet River, runs throughout the farm, and provides 150 PSI water delivery from a commercial hydrant system we have installed to protect each building, as well as providing irrigation water to the hayfields, and a 14 foot deep pond enjoyed by wildlife year-round – and our riders after a summertime trail ride! The riverside property boundary is reinforced with massive stone boulder and concrete supports with the benefit of no flooding incident during the past 100 year government record.