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Residential Rider Training Program

Get the Equine training and experience you dream of for your future in the equine industry. Unlike conventional working pupil programs, Dreamcatcher Meadows will custom-make a program tailored to your personal needs and goals. We call our program the Residential Rider Education. 

We run a complete service operation “from conception to competition” providing students with the unique opportunity to manage and handle stallions, foals, youngsters, broodmares, compete in competitions and assist in general farm operations.

“My daughter Samantha and her best friend Rebecca spent their summer last year with Jill, John and their wonderful staff. It was a fantastic experience that we will never forget. A special time. Riding and training on top quality horses that are all so wonderfully managed. From foals being born to embryo transfers. Lab works the lot. The girls worked hard carry out all the stable duties and loved every minute. When they returned home they went on to become UK champions at the National School Championships at Addington Manor. Dreamcatcher Meadows a very special place to which we will return to in the very near future.”

Whether your goal is to go on the trails confidently riding for pleasure or to dazzle in the competition arena, we support you every stride of the way. Your personalized program can include the option of learning with your own horse or on one of our talented schoolmasters. We don’t view competition as an end in itself, but it is a good way to set goals. Here at Dreamcatcher Meadows you will work with our homebred and trained horses that are credited as being “among the worlds best.” Most important to us is that whether intending to enter the show ring or not, our two- and four-legged students safely enjoy the journey of catching their dream.

The Residential Rider Educational program is a fun, friendly, family atmosphere. It is based on a foundation of safe correct horsemanship skills. To be accepted into the program students must show a positive work ethic be passionate about all things equine, be a team player and demonstrate organizational skills. You will enjoy versatile days that encompass aspect of running a farm. In your program you can choose to specialize in areas of your interest. Each program is unique and individualized to fit the student’s dreams, aspirations, goals and passions! No two programs are the same.

While attending out program students can ride within their weekly school timetable. You can attend local Pemberton High School, or one of the cooperative B.C universities while taking part in our Rider Educational Program. High school and university credits are available for the work you do in our program. 

This is not a hotel or a leisure-riding holiday. This is hard work on a real working horse farm. This is a commitment to being part of a real horse farm. The days can be long and we quit when things are done. The number one rule on our farm is “The animals come first.”

Professional coaches, assisted by Residential Rider Graduates, act as mentors teaching you both foundation and specialized skills. You can learn and take part in the following and a lot more!
Catching, bathing, clipping, grooming horses
Tacking up and un tacking horses
Tack cleaning
Round pen, ground work and lunging work
Hacking and trail riding horses (under supervision to begin with)
Exercising horses
Learn how to work with and start young horses under saddle
Show and clinic preparation (optional to show on your horse or one of ours)
Riding lessons (depending on individual program with their horse or leased horse)
Help with breeding protocol and procedures including foaling, stallion collecting, semen and embryo processing.
Facility Maintenance – grooming the arena, keeping pastures and barn clean and presentable, lawn mowing, landscaping.
Stable management skills such as nutrition identification and balancing for individual horse needs, basic first aid, bandaging, etc.
The following shows the costs of general packages – specific programs are tailored to you and discussed on an individual basis.

Accommodation on site
$1000.00/month per person

Can be arranged to have a “family environment meal” once a day (Specified Individually depending on age, independence etc.)

Equine Board and Training Costs

Full Board: $1,100.00/month includes feed, stabling and turnout (extra supplements not included)
Full Training for horse includes lessons: customized program $1000.00/month
Leasing: You pay full board and training for a personalized package of this horse and pay associated vet and Farrier costs within lease period.

You will be provided with instruction on our school masters when available, this is an added benefit included in your program. This is a $200.00 cost for riders not included in our residential rider program.
If you want to catch your Dreams and be part of our “Dream Team” please complete the entire form in as much detail as possible.  Feel free to be creative and add additional pages to complete form.  We need to find out as much information about you to make well-informed and accurate decisions. Applicants must provide a current photo and if possible send video. Minimum time commitment is a summer term, however priority is given to those who can commit for longer.

When complete please send to –

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